Fujitsu Fi-4990C Driver

Fujitsu Fi-4990C Driver
Fujitsu Fi-4990C Driver Download

Fujitsu fi-4990c Driver – The fi-4990C advanced scanner (Ultra Wide port interface/Third Party Slot Interface) offers high velocity, duplex shading checking, and distinctive magnificent choices accomplished by Fujitsu experience. What’s more, these product are wide used in your business scene. The Fujitsu fi-4990C shading illustrations scanner meets intensity and consistency wants for enormous tone, monochrome and dark scale perusing with an extended posting of hearty choices. Utilizing “Dynamic Feeding” the scanner precisely changes the roller strain inside the feeder to the ideal for the sort of reports being feed.

The Fujitsu fi-4990C Production Color Document Scanner satisfies the execution and reliableness needs of high-volume concealing, monochrome, and grayscale checking with an all-encompassing overview of astonishing decisions. Its most optical objectives of 400 dpi, customized red, fresh and blue concealing dropout, ScanRight™ picture measure advancement and high yield rates (up to ninety ppm/180 ipm), region unit ideal for structures getting ready, united endeavor and fix organization applications. A reformist, 1000-page modified report feeder (ADF) and paper way style enable you to continually inspect chronicles of various sizes and loads. Besides, 5 paper-thickness settings any improve paper-dealing with in progress conditions.

Fujitsu fi-4990c Driver Download Features

ScanRight™ picture measure innovation improves picture quality for explicit report assortments. Joined with programmed crop, de-slant and picture pivot, the fi-4990C aides your examined reports put their best self forward. It might likewise be intended to exit entirely unexpected tones on the front and back with just one setting-no light changes needed for simpler structures measure.

The 1,000 page ADF and paper way style empower you to filter reports of different sizes and loads. 5 pack settings improve paper measure inside the creation environmental factors. Fujitsu fi-4990c Driver Download (Ultra-wide port Interface/Third-party Slot Interface) gives two-sided shading filtering and super speed, likewise as various awesome Fujitsu alternatives. The predominant mechanical style of this differ of scanners change them to be basically and cost-successfully kept up. sheathed in high-sway formed plastic, they’re rough and tough in any case nearly light-weight.

For pictures that utilization acknowledgment innovation, pictures while not pressure is made to affirm the most straightforward outcomes. For general chronicling applications, any place the picture document size is kept up to a base, the quality JPEG pressure level is applied. The Fujitsu fi-4990C uses high-goal CCD innovation that grants clients to settle on up to 400 dpi goal, ideal for OCR applications that need great pictures for ideal acknowledgment. The Fujitsu fi-4990C accompanies an average 1000-sheet container, allowing unattended checking. Imprinter Post is also available with the adaptability to print alphamerical strings of up to thirty characters.

Fujitsu Fi-4990C Driver Support

Fujitsu TWAIN32 Version 9.18.709
Fujitsu TWAIN32 Version 9.18.149
Fujitsu ISIS Version 1.1.10710.24001
Fujitsu ISIS Version 1.1.10412.7001
Fujitsu TWAIN32 Version 8.18.149

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